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Morris Men Rally

Well done to the Morris Men for completing the rally across Europe from Paris to Prague. The fundraising page is still open on our website to donate or read up on the weekend event.

Schools Out … Vulnerable road users

School Holiday Road Safety Poster

With the onset of the school holidays, we will see an increase in activity in the communities in which our trucks travel through, with more pedestrians and cyclists on our roads.

Its key we continue to be aware of the risks to these vulnerable road users and keep in our minds the need for us to take care when we share the same road space.

As professional truck drivers let’s look after them –

Slow down, keep looking and leave them plenty of room

No engine idling top tips for driver

  • If you expect to be stationary for more than a minute, switch off your engine when you come to a stop and only restart when you are ready to drive away.
  • Set yourself a challenge and take note of how often you leave the engine running unnecessarily – then improve on it!
  • When left idling, a heavy duty diesel engine can waste between 1.5 and 2.5 litres of fuel an hour. When you’re on a break, making a delivery, stuck in stationary traffic, loading or unloading ….. Turn the engine off!
  • Before using the engine to hear your vehicle, think whether it is really necessary – modern vehicles have quick and efficient heaters that don’t always require the engine to be running.
  • Know your driver handbook – be aware of your company policy regarding engine idling and what is expected of you as a driver.